Our Product Features


Feature rich suite of tools to manage your business

One System To Manage Business

One system to manage your entire operation from customer management, schedules, techs, pricing, commissions, inventory, and accounting.

Accounting Made Simple

RoadFS integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Line.

  • Two-way synchronization between RoadFS and QuickBooks

  • Customers, invoices, services, and pricing are all kept in sync

  • The combination of RoadFS and QuickBooks streamline your accounting operations and expedite invoicing


Mobile Friendly

Business happens on-site with your customer. Dynamically push work assignments to your techs.

  • Receive, create, edit and send invoices using the mobile app

  • Add services

  • Lock-in pricing or allow a tech to adjust pricing

  • Capture photos

  • Capture signature accepting estimate or work order

  • Record payments

  • Assign multiple techs

  • Built-in time clock

  • Mobile printing 

  • Update customer information

  • Mobile POS of sale for product delivery

  • Inventory tracking

  • Order product from a selected vendor from the mobile app

  • Transfer inventory between warehouse or delivery van



Customer Management

  • Manage a single location, multiple locations, or departments

  • Built-in scheduling

  • Unlimited Email and text reminders - Pre and post-service

  • Customer-specific pricing

  • Customer-specific commission payouts 

  • Set taxable or non-taxable status

  • Organize customers into service areas

  • Assign techs to only work for certain customers

  • Track customer asset service history

  • Automatically send email invoices based on rules you set

  • Customer reporting

  • Integration with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online


Toss the spreadsheets and multiple calendars

RoadFS Scheduling provides a singe place to manage

all of your appointments, services, and techs.

Seamless integration with the RoadFS Mobile App Calendar


Track & Manage Your Team


RoadFS provides two modes of time tracking.

Traditional Time Clock 
Don't miss a minute of your team's hours.

Track Labor Efficiency with Service Item Time Tracking
Track your tech's actual time spent on every service. Use this data to guarantee turn time or identify training and efficiency opportunities for your team. 

Commission Tracking
RoadFS automatically tracks employees' commissions, spiffs, and calculates what you owe them.

Protect Your Company data
Limit access to critical business information to the role of each team member.


Track Inventory & Order Parts


Easily add parts to quotes and track quantities on hand. Manage inventory from a single warehouse, multiple warehouses, or delivery vans

Parts Ordering

Set par values of when you need to re-order products. Submit and order products from RoadFS to your preferred vendor.


Our Goal Is To Impact Your Business

RoadFS Automotive Detailing Software transformed our business! No more double billing or wondering if we sent the invoice. The support team is UNBELIEVABLE. Every time I’ve had a question or needed help they’ve been there for me. I am glad we made the switch!

Angel D.

RoadFS is the BEST invoicing software on the market hands down! We never thought we we're going to find a software to manage both our PDR and detailing operations as seamlessly as RoadFS. We made the switch in 2016 and it has F*$@)!# changed our business. Love these guys!

Marc N.

We are running 150+ cars a day! RoadFS VIN scanning feature has virtually eliminated any double billing issues with my customers.  

Hands down the bst investment I've made to improve our business operations.

Chad M.